Miriam Wuttke | Dress to kill- Remains

Dress to kill- Remains
Miriam Wuttke solo exhibit

Curàted by barbarafragogna     
Multidisciplinary exhibition with illustration, photography, objects.
OPENING Tuesday 24.7.2012 | 7pm
Sinedie ProjectRoom
Oranienburger Str. 54-56a Berlin 4th floor

24.7 - 4.9.2012
mon - fri 4 -8 pm and by appointment
A multidisciplinary installation by Berlin based painter and performance artist Miriam Wuttke for her cycle "Dress to kill". The installation will include performance photography by Petrov Ahner, who has been collaborating in the project "Dress to kill" since January 2011. Opening and finissage performances will feature parts of the dOCUMENTA(13) piece A SHE S which Miriam Wuttke presented July 19th 2012 by invitation of Critical Art Ensemble at Kassel Hauptbahnhof. (In collaboration with Antonio Manfredi, video, and Veronica Mota, sound)

Photo by Petrov Ahner

Thomas Magnusson | Illuminations & other signs

Thomas Magnusson

Sommaren 2012 visar jag utställningen

Illuminations and other Signs

på Kusthaus Tacheles i Berlin i
... samarbete med curatorn Barbara Fragogna.
På grund av en 4 årig strid om fastigheten
som avgjordes i rätten onsdagen den 20 juni
2012 till konstnärenas nackdel så blir
utställningen den sista som genomförs i
lokalerna på Oranienburg str. Den visas i
andrummet mellan domslut och vräkning

In The summer 2012 I show the exibition

Illuminations and other Sighns

at Kusthaus Tacheles in Berlin in
cooperation with the cuartor Barbara Fragogna.
Because of a 4 year struggle about the building
that came to an end in court wednesday the 20th of
june 2012 to disadvatage for the artists. This exibition will be
the last in the space at Oranienburg str. It will be shown in the
gap beetween courtverdict and eviction.


DELLFINA | Perfect Lover

Perfect Lover
a video installation
opening saturday 2.6.2012 | 7pm

2.6 - 20.6 | mon-fri 4-8pm | 4th fl.


installation and video by DELLFINA
Vernissage: Saturday 2nd June 2012 7pm
02.06-20.06 | mon-fri 4-8pm | 4th floor
Curated by Barbara Fragogna
Tacheles, Oranienburger str. 54/56a Berlin (4th floor)

Are you attractive, educated and independent?
Do you dream of a perfect partner?
Do you feel you do everything possible to find true love,
but you are still single?
Have you had enough of constant failures and disappointments?
If that’s the case, “Perfect Lover” is an ideal product for you! :)))

Perfect Lover is a limited edition of 100 naturalistic vibrators that… declare love. In times when sex is at the reach of a hand, it becomes worthless, and love becomes the luxury in demand. How can you have it, at any time, for an affordable price? You will find out by checking market value of this new product.

Every piece is accompanied by a video; a commercial in the style of tv-shop, and in an ironic, bitter-sweet way reflects the problem of contemporary women who suffer from chronic loneliness, who live in a world of substitutes while waiting for Mr. Perfect.
Perfect Lover is an embodiment of but it is also a reflection on sex and its physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects.

wideo 4:44, oraz limitowana seria 100 “Kochankow idealnych”

Wernisaż: Sobota 2.06.2012, godz. 19:00
Wystawa będzie można oglądać do 20.06 pon-pt 16:00-20:00
Tacheles, Oranienburger str. 54/56a Berlin (IV piętro)
Kuratorka: Barbara Fragogna

Czy jesteś atrakcyjna, wykształcona i niezależna?
Marzysz o idealnym partnerze?
Czujesz, że robisz wszystko, aby znaleźć prawdziwą miłość lecz wciąż jesteś samotna?
Masz dość niepowodzeń i rozczarowań?
W takim razie “Perfect Lover” to idealny produkt dla Ciebie! :)))

Projekt “Perfect Lover” to limitowana seria 100 naturalistycznych wibratorów … wyznających miłość. Gdy łatwy seks jest na wyciągnięcie ręki, traci na wartości. Zaś w supermarkecie marzeń deficytowym towarem staje się miłość, nadająca znaczenie żądzom i pragnieniom. Jak można ją kupić w dowolnej chwili i za przystępną cenę? Tego dowiecie się sprawdzając rynkową jakość nowego produktu.
Każdej sztuce towarzyszy wideo: reklama, utrzymana w konwencji tv-shopu, aby w ten ironiczny, słodko-gorzki sposób wyrazić problem współczesnych kobiet, cierpiących na chroniczna samotność, żyjących w zastępczym świecie substytutów, usychających z tęsknoty za prawdziwą miłością. Perfect Lover to ucieleśnienie kobiecych lęków, frustracji i nadziei, ale tez dywagacja na temat seksu, oraz jego aspektów fizycznych, emocjonalnych, społecznych i duchowych.

Projekt sponsorowany przez Pussy Project wspólnotę kobiet zainteresowanych własną seksualnością i jej odkrywaniem.

Florence Obrecht | OPERA SERIA

Florence Obrecht
Opening friday 13.4 - 7 pm
13.4 - 13.5.2012 | mon - fri | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor
Curated by Barbara Fragogna


Eva Frapiccini | Aleksander Prus Caneira...

White Fish Tank Presents:

Eva Frapiccini
Aleksander Prus Caneira.
Quantum Physics and
the Portals of the Unconscious
digital short-movie HD – Italy – September 2011

Opening | Friday 10.2.- 7 pm
10.2 - 9.3.2012 | mon - fri | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor


Aleksander Prus Caneira. Quantum Physics and the Portals of the Unconscious

The film is a mock-documentary dedicated to the scientist Aleksander Prus Caneira, born in Barcelona in 1928 and disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Turin, in 1992.

A physicist specialised in quantum and cosmic theories, anthropologist and essayist, founder and editor of the science journal Source, Aleksander Prus Caneira – a rather tormented genius figure – studied between Zurich and Princeton and contributed to the researches of his famous professors, namely Wolfgang Pauli, Eugene Wigner and John Archibald Wheeler. He was friend and collaborator of the physicist Hugh Everett III, of the junghian psychologist Marie-Louise Von Franz, and he held a long mail correspondence with the writer Jorge Luis Borges.

He taught at Princeton, as well as Zurich and Turin, where – between 1965 and 1976 he was active as a researcher in the teams of the Cosmic Physics Centre and CNR. His theories on the doors of the unconscious and on suspended portals – largely despised by the international scientific community – caused him to gradually distance himself from academia, until his final resignation from teaching in 1976. Since the death of his father in 1953, Caneira had been widening the scope of his studies on the invisible, trying not only to find answers to questions typical of quantum and cosmic physics, but also to find a nexus between space-time and dreams, archetypes, and the passage from life to death, through anthropology and field researches. By originally applying to such phenomena a series of concepts, such as Jung – Pauli’s synchronicity, Everett III’s theory of parallel worlds, and Wheeler’s geometrodynamics, in 1987, under the pseudonym Alek Arencia, he published the successful essay Life in the other word.

The film proposes a meta-reality, from which the viewer will exit unknowingly tricked, not knowing – unless he/she decides to dive deeper into the case and verify the sources, that the film itself is dedicated to someone who never actually existed, whose story is yet firmly anchored in last century’s history of science and culture. The short-movie criticizes not only the logic behind the production of history, inserting a character who could have actually existed and been “forgotten”, but it aims also at discussing the validity of sources, our way of relating our cultural History, and what could be truly considered auctoritas.

(text by Elisa Tosoni)

"My works question my own identity, and that of the generation of my parents and mine, through the stories of other people’s lives. My artistic practice is a research, collection and analysis of archive, photos, newsreel, film archives and other historically related imaginary that constitute part of our collective memory. These documents are taken out of their historical context and used in my work to tell a new story. Into my work exists the assumption that it is the way a story is been told rather than the story itself, questioning the value of a document. Then, an extensive collection of first hand information encompassing interviews and photographs open up the human dimension, my aim consists to create a genuine emotions overlooks facts, talking about the borders of collective imaginary."

Yael Herold | Space


installation by Yael Herold


SA 7.1.2012 | 7pm

7.1. - 4.2.2012
mon - fri | 4 - 8 pm

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An inflatable space, a muschel shape, a cave built out of six black arms moving in spiral pattern. The inflatable is a flexible prolongation of the bodey, a breathing armour, a living organism

which breathes with the bodey, covers it and protects it. The infaltable is a mobile shelter, dynamic with the surrounding, inflates in few seconds. not connected to one place and without any solid structure. A possibility for a whole new way of "being". Creating life in motion.

In confrontation to our isolated society of individuals , where things might look dark and alienated.

The spiral chariot comes to metamorfosis , by leaving its own skin behind. The black shiny structure reflects its sorounding and the reddish, lifely inner parts are trying to burst out.

I plugg myself into the inner empty squashy welcoming space of the moving spiral and turn with the membrane inside out my own self as the air pushes towards the openning of the whole form. An accurrence which gives abundantly of reverssing the outer layer with the inner passionate laba thoughts in each of little cell in the bodey.

An action of comuncation with the matrix; the six arms are growing flowers in the tipps of each end. A sign of fertility, a chain of continuity.


In a search of a subversive adventure, by bringing a new dynamic mobile air supported structure, i try to influence minds through fantasy and to stimulate a new sensinitivity and responsability towards the enviroment. I bring a new layer, a new "being". An object which comes to reverse values of our traditional, conservatively anchered society.

A combination of modern technology with primitive nomadism. An alternative way of living: fluid, mobile and closer to nature.

The inflatable offers freedom of weight and structure. As the air leaves it is as if the matter would be disappearing as well. Its an alternative organic architecture, which raises enviromental awerness, and opens a new outlook on: urbanism, life style, family structure and society.

Barbara Fragogna | Fade

Barbara Fragogna | FADE
drawing, photo, objects, mixed media

Beyond the ruins, a flashback.

Opening: 9.12.2011 | 7pm
9.12.2011-4.1.2012 | mon-fri 2-8 pm


KH Tacheles 4th floor
Oranienburger Str. 54-56a

Alessandro Rinaldi | PORTRAIT

Alessandro Rinaldi | PORTRAIT
21.10 - 18.11.2011 | mon - fri | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor

Opening Friday 21.10 | 7pm
Curated by Barbara Fragogna


Kim Yaged | World Watching

Kim Yaged | World Watching

16.9-14.10 | SineDie ProjectRoom
wed - sat | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor
OPENING 16.9 | 7 pm

Ukraine, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Palestine, World Watching exposes us to a world that's simultaneously foreign and familiar, driving home the message we're more similar than different--people first.


alexander jakhnagiev | "colori sopra berlino"

alexander jakhnagiev | "colori sopra berlino"
30.7 - 27.8
Opening 30.7 | 7 pm
in cooperation with:
Emerson Gallery Berlin

Karen Haase | soul-mate

Paintings by Karen Haase
Opening | Friday 1.7. - 7 pm

soul-mate is about searching and desire. about hope and destiny. it is about human-being.

1.7 - 29.7.2011 | wed - sat
4 - 8 pm | 4th floor
Curated by Barbara Fragogna


"Freitagnacht" 2007, acryl on canvas, 150cm x 200cm
Photo by Falk Buchröder

Max Papeschi | In the Sky with Diamonds

In the Sky with Diamonds
Max Papeschi Solo Show

17.6 - 25.6
opening 16.6 | 7pm

Histrionic, ironic, iconic, Max Papeschi's Trash Pop is
the logic, direct consequence of Pop's decadence.
We will bitterly smile.

Enjoy us at the
SineDieProjectRoom 4th floor
KH Tacheles Berlin
Oranienburgerstr. 54-56a

in cooperation with
La Bananale di Venezia (in Berlin) &
abnormals gallery


andrea rosset | marina fornasier | still life

Opening | Friday 22.4 - 7 pm
22.4 - 20.5.2011 | wed - sat | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor
Curated by Barbara Fragogna

andrea rosset | marina fornasier | still life | photo installation

still life
no participation or interpretation.
the truth of the object emerges for the subject’s absence.

only marina and her grandma

Andrea Rosset is an italian photographer, he’s a member of the artist collective Jennifer rosa.
Born in 1967, lives in Vicenza.
Marina was born in 1981. She lives above him, at the ground floor.
Elisa was born in 1902, she lives.


still life
nessuna partecipazione o interpretazione.
la verità dell’oggetto emerge per l’assenza del soggetto.

solo marina e sua nonna

Andrea Rosset è un fotografo italiano,
fa parte del collettivo di ricerca in arte contemporanea Jennifer rosa.
Nato nel 1967, vive a Vicenza.
Marina è nata nel 1981. Vive sotto di lui, al piano terra.
Elisa è nata nel 1902, vive.


Greta Bisandola | The Beauty In The Beast

Greta Bisandola | The Beauty In The Beast | Painting

Opening | Friday 11.3 - 7 pm
11.3 - 8.4.2011 | wed - sat | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor
Curated by Barbara Fragogna

SineDieProjectRoom 4th floor | KH Tacheles | Berlin
Oranienburger Str. 54-56a 10117, Berlin


Facce, corpi, personaggi, occhi che guardano e lasciano trasparire qualcosa che si manifesta al di là del rappresentato.Grottesche e caricate figure, talvolta deformi, ambigue nella complessità che cerco di evocare, apparizioni di un infantile mancato, tentativi di scoppiare, di far affiorare pensieri pesanti di anime che palpitano nella fissità, nell’immobilità incatenate. Presenze, che, al di là dei riflessi di un vitreo occhio, socchiuso o spalancato, si rendono protagoniste assolute, ma rimandano e ammiccano ad un mondo tutto sommato lontano perché invisibile e privo di interesse, e allo stesso tempo vicino perché ingombrante costrittore.Cedendo ogni mia capacità introspettiva alla pittura, dischiudo segreti a me stessa e relego a lei ogni spiegazione, cosicché io riesca ad apparirmi più inconsapevole e liberata, più pulita alla ricerca di una sorta di bellezza nel mio dolore personale, desiderosa in tale ricerca di rivestirmi di una qualche ingenuità. Per una moltitudine di figli malati nuova bellezza si scova o si cerca perlomeno di scovare, e con la grazia e la tenerezza fatta di realtà in solitudine tutto ciò che appare è forse solo una crosta superficiale. L'ironia che può pervadere i miei lavori ,è ingannevole e rappresenta la paura.L'ingenuità da cui cerco di non separarmi completamente, a mio avviso è lo strumento più efficace per la ricerca all'interno di tale paura. E se la paura genera mostri, io cerco di amarli con la pittura. Dunque la mia pittura parla dei miei mostri, anche se ritengo che dare un nome alle “cose” diventi in parte invalidante, in quanto Le “cose”, cambiano continuamente e questo fa parte della ricerca che identifico nella stessa pittura. Quindi il mio sforzo sta anche nel mantenere un'identità labile pur nella resa incisiva dei soggetti.Ecco perché credo necessario, almeno in parte, abbandonarsi all'inconsapevole e alle visioni che popolano la mia mente prima di cominciare una tela, alla casualità e alla pigrizia personale degli accostamenti, e delle sovrapposizioni dei soggetti. Ad una coerenza che include una sorta di disordine soggettivo. Tanto che siano loro a parlarmi e non viceversa, a dirmi quando il lavoro è terminato, proprio per potermi così sgravare di questo peso, di questa decisione; per ritrovarmi in questa ricerca, riscoprirmi e rigenerarmi in una nuova dimensione. Proprio perché la scoperta è prima di tutto personale. Perché non si ha niente da dire. Perché avere qualcosa da dire, non significa “dire qualche cosa”, ma piuttosto “essere qualche cosa”. Così l'opera terminata diventa un carattere.

Perdermi e ritrovar qualcosa d’altro è sempre ciò che mi auguro quando comincio una tela e in fondo tutto ciò che cerco sta in un volto e nella mano che lo sorregge: il corpo.



a videoinstallation by Jennifer rosa


concept and realisation: Chiara Bortoli, Fiorenzo Zancan, Andrea Rosset

length: 40 minutes in loop

28.1 - 28.2

Opening 28.1 - 8pm


MADRI E FIGLIE is a work of serial video-photography focussing on the couple mather/daughter.

We asked about 30 couples of mothers and daughters of all ages, belonging to our entourage, to pose for a whole-length portrait before a same backdrop – a pictorial work of the artist Daniele Monarca - for a time of 16 minutes without doing anything. People were not asked for absolute immobility but for the absence of any gesture or communicative intention. They were also asked to look into the camera.

During each pose we took 1000 photos, edited later in a short video of one minute. Differently from the shooting in photography however, each portrait includes the temporary dimension: a suspension similar to photography, but containing the time of the being, the body, the subjectiveness: the time of the presence.

Due to the particular reduction of the reality operated by the device, the people portayed make a sort of little dance, made of breathing, blinks, micro-movements of the face, of the head, small fluctuations of the posture. Unconsciously they dance their being.

MADRI E FIGLIE represents an articulation of the research on serial video-photographic portrait we began about three years ago. However this is the first time our portraits are not of single individuals but of couples, chosen on the grounds of their relationship; the family tie and the rapport of descent give the spectator the possibility to catch resemblances and differences and to sense the pecularity of every tie.

Furthermore, each portrait evokes a condensed present but also the becoming in which both women are thrown, the meeting of the limit, the flowing of life that connects and separates the daugther from the mother.

JENNIFER ROSA is a collective of research in contemporary art active in Vicenza (Italy) since 2005.
The body, the human figure, the presence, the time of being are the main themes of a research that articultes itself through performances, videos, videoinstallations, photography.
Far from story-telling of narration, from symbolism, from intimism, we choose an excentric aesthetic space, on the edge of ordinary, balancing between reality and artifice, body and image, presence and appearance, physical transport and lucid exercise. It's a space of opposite tensions, in which the subjective experience is observed from an objective point of view, thanks to the contruction of particular settings.

MADRI E FIGLIE è un lavoro di video-fotografia seriale il cui soggetto è la coppia madre/figlia.

Abbiamo chiesto ad una trentina di coppie di madri e figlie di tutte le età, appartenenti al nostro entourage, di posare a figura intera davanti ad un fondale sempre uguale – un'opera pittorica dell'artista Daniele Monarca - per un tempo di 16 minuti, senza fare nulla. Non richiedevamo l'immobilità assoluta quanto l'assenza di qualsiasi gesto o intento di comunicazione. Abbiamo inoltre chiesto di guardare dentro l'obiettivo.

Ad ogni posa abbiamo scattato 1000 fotografie, successivamente montate in un breve filmato di un minuto e mezzo. Diversamente dallo scatto fotografico singolo, nel ritratto è contenuta la dimensione temporale: una sospensione simile a quella fotografica, che include tuttavia anche il tempo dell'esserci, del corpo, della soggettività: il tempo della presenza. I soggetti ritratti, grazie alla particolare riduzione del reale operata dal dispositivo, conducono una sorta di piccola danza sul posto, fatta di respiri, battiti di ciglia, micro-movimenti del viso, della testa, minuscoli riaggiustamenti della postura. Inconsapevolmente danzano il loro esserci.

MADRI E FIGLIE rappresenta un'articolazione della ricerca sul ritratto fotografico seriale alla quale ci dedichiamo da circa tre anni. E' però la prima volta che i nostri soggetti non sono fotografati da soli ma a coppie, scelti in base alla relazione che li unisce; nel caso specifico, il legame di parentela e di discendenza lascia allo spettatore la possibilità di cogliere somiglianze, differenze e la particolarità di ogni legame. Inoltre il tempo evocato non è più solamente quello del presente, ma quello dell'incontro con il limite, quello del divenire in cui entrambe sono gettate, lo scorrere della vita che unisce e separa la figlia dalla madre.

Jennifer rosa è un collettivo di ricerca in arte contemporanea attivo a Vicenza dal 2005.
Il corpo, la figura umana, la presenza, il tempo dell'esserci sono i temi principali di un'esplorazione che si articola attraverso la performance, il video, la videoinstallazione, la fotografia.
Sottratto al racconto, al simbolismo, all'intimismo, scegliamo uno spazio estetico scentrato, sull'orlo dell'ordinario, in bilico tra realtà e artificio, corpo e immagine, presenza e apparenza, trasporto emozionale e lucido esercizio. E' uno spazio di tensioni opposte, un luogo di esperienza soggettiva osservato da un punto di vista quanto più possibile oggettivo, grazie alla costruzione di particolari setting o dispositivi.

Our works have been presented on festivals, events and exhibitions in Italy, France and Germany.
To mention the most significant:
Opera Estate Festival 2006/Bassano del Grappa (IT)
Festival Lavori in pelle 2006/Alfonsine (IT)
Festival Ammutinamenti 2006/Ravenna (IT)
Jarach Gallery/Venezia 2007 (IT)
Museo Casa Bianca/Malo 2007 (IT)
SPAC/Udine-Buttrio 2007 (IT)
Centre Point Ephémère/Paris 2008 (FR)
Reiss Arti Performative/Torino 2009 (IT)
Domaine de Tizé/Rennes 2009 (FR)
Festival Il coreografo elettronico 2010/ Napoli (IT)
Biennale danza 2010/Venezia (IT)
Esposizione Walking/Venezia 2010 (IT)
Festival Comodamente 2010/Vittorio Veneto (IT)
Festival Urbanica 2010/Ferrara (IT)
Abnormals Gallery/Berlino 2010 (DE)

Artistic residences:
july 2008: Centre Point Ephémère of Paris with the project FRANCESCHE
july 2009: Association au bout du plongeoir in the Domaine de Tizé/Rennes
july 2009: Reiss Arti Performative of Torino with the project of videoinstallation E14

Award for Indipendent Productions at the Festival Il coreografo elettronico 2010 of Naples with the video FRANCESCHE

Joachim Lapotre | Flesh Tree Chapel

Opening | Friday 26.11 - from 8 pm
"Cookies of light / Making of" Performance by Joachim Lapotre at 9 pm
26.11.2010 - 15.1.2011 | wed - sat | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor
Curated by Barbara Fragogna

In Cooperation with ABNORMALS GALLERY

Flesh Tree was produced inside the E.Space Generic(fr) artist residency program curated by Samy Da Silva.


Initiate yourself in the way of the Hermit, retreat into the skull, into the Flesh Tree Chapel.

Flesh Tree:
Some three thousand years later Adam and Eve wake up in the Garden of Eden, a wasteland of their own creation. There is no more fruit on the mandrake, and there never was a serpent. The two angelic creatures are sensual and voracious, they are free.

Cookies of light / Making of:
This is my Blood, this is my Semen. Eat me.



Friday 8th of October 7PM

New Gallery at Kunsthaus Tacheles 4th floor
Oranienburgerstr 54-56A
Berlin, Germany

Burned Condition

The exhibition Burned Condition by Petrov Ahner is more than a show of photographic images.
What you see is the installation of seven left overs of an act of destruction.
Seven objects, which were robbed of their usual and useful functions, were re- invented by giving them another meaning in twodimensionality. They were found and placed at the spot the spectator meets them blown up out of proportion.
...Burned, deformed and destroyed, these objects reflect the ability to transform common commercial value into meaningful abstraction by attention and focus.
With a change of perspective, in a different light, waste matamorphes into beauty of its own kind.

Text by Miriam Wuttke

FRIDAY 8th of October
7- 10 pm

8 pm: "999. control. no control."
Site specific performance by Miriam Wuttke

Music by Thomas Borgmann

Curated by Barbara Fragogna


petrov ahner

berlin 0049(0)176 51426739

ORVAR + PETROV | *1984

ORVAR + PETROV | *1984

Opening | Friday 1.10 - 7pm
Live Music by Orvar
1.10 - 29.10 | wed - sat | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor

In Cooperation with:ABNORMALS GALLERY


Corro, vuelo y camino para finalmente abrir mis brazos al dios de "la Gran Chichimeca" el peyote.
El peyote ha sugerido escuchar una hermosa melodía llamada arte.
El arte guiara mi camino a travez de dos grandes montañas en el desierto.

En el año 2008 las ratas asiaticas seleccionaron un nuevo mundo para mis sueños:

Camino por las calles cubanas con una pata de caballo en mis brazos, la santeria y las pieles negras se han introducido en mi cuerpo, ha travez de una pesadilla he visto el futuro y el pasado reciente de la humanidad en el mismo magico segundo:

"Vi un mapa mundial uniendose con el movimiento de la tierra, era pequeño y dramatico, un humano enfermo de matanza , que consume tristeza para olvidar su tristeza; vi como la Gran Naturaleza retoma su reino perdido, grandes bestias hambrientas de pasado, paz y silencio vuelan en el oceano, brindando grandes abrazos a hombres y mujeres para despues matarlos con la mas hermosa prueba de evolucion, la muerte."

*1984 es un proyecto fotografico generacional enfocado en el trauma, las raizes y el futuro, estas 12 piezas son una colaboracion entre el fotografo Petrov Ahner (Slovakia, 1965) y el artista multidiciplinario Orvar (Mexico,1984)

Berlin, 2010.


I run and fly and walk to open finally my arms to the “la Gran Chicimeca” ‘s God, the peyote.
The peyote suggested me to listen to a beautiful melody called Art.
Art drove my path through the two big mountains in the desert.

In the year 2008 the “Asiatic rats” selected a new world for my wishes: Cuba.

I walk through the Cuban streets with a horse leg in my arms, the santeria and the coloured skin entered my body and through a nightmare I saw the future and the recent past of humanity in one magical second:

“I saw a world map uniting with the movement of the Earth, it was small and dramatic. A Human sick from his desire to kill, who consumes sorrow to forget his sorrow. I saw how the Great Nature brought back its lost kingdom. Big beasts, were craving for the Past, Peace and Silence flying of to the ocean, to embrace men and women and afterwards kill them with the most beautiful demonstration of evolution itself, Death.”

*1984 is a generational photography project focusing on trauma, roots and future.
These twelve works are the result of a collaboration between the photographer Petrov Ahner (Slovakia, 1965) and the multidisciplinary artist Orvar (Mexico,1984)

Berlin, 2010.


PENZO+FIORE | Trànsfert

Photo by Alessandro Zanchini


Opening 3.9 | 8 pm
Transfert path to Abnormals

3.9 - 26.9

“Reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences, especially of childhood, and the substitution of another person for the original object of the repressed impulses”

Self - Possession

by Andrea Penzo e Cristina Fiore
This 10 minute performance shows a man (Andrea Penzo) using the body of a woman (Cristina Fiore) as a tool for various purposes. The woman is lying down on a medical bed and several instruments, both medical and fetishistic, are used in combination with the body. The neutrality of the space emphasizes the body’s confrontation with the inanimate objects. The interplay between the two bodies is a balance of trust and faith in the Other. Actions are performed, anxiously but with determination, as if the performers’ lives depend on them.

Andrea Penzo. Born in 1969 in Venice, he lives and works both in Venice and Berlin. He is a visual and performance artist. At present, he is art director of the 3D Gallery and he is one of the founders of the Cultural Association ‘Cantiere Corpo Luogo’.

So far he published 5 books as short stories and romance books and participated on several group and solo expositions. After assimilating traditional techniques of glass making, he felt that glass held by its own a high expressive potential which goes beyond skills or aesthetics, so he contaminated glass with contemporary art.

As ‘guest artist’ he is invited to explore social and environmental themes. His last works are collective projects in video-performance, like “Erosfilia” or “Conservative Forces”, collages and drawings.

Cristina Fiore was born in Oderzo (TV) in 1979. She beguns her artistic track with theater, when she was very young. From 2005 to 2007 worked with the “Teatro Nucleo” in Ferrara and Buenos Aires. Since 2009 the meeting with Andrea Penzo gave a different direction to her work. She created numerous works, including installations, microsculture, collages and above performances.

More work of Andrea Penzo and Cristina Fiore will be shown in Abnormals Gallery:

Exhibition: 4 September- 6 October, 2010
Opening: 3 September 2010, 20 - 23h
Linienstr. 154 - 10115 Berlin

Conservative Forces

works by Andrea Penzo, Cristina Fiore, Elisa Dal Corso, Fiorenzo Zancan and Andrea Rosset
Madri e Figlie

by Chiara Bortoli, Fiorenzo Zancan, Andrea Rosset
Self - Possession
by Andrea Penzo e Cristina Fiore

Especially for the opening, Andrea Penzo and Cristina Fiore prepared the performance "Self-possession", it begins at 21h at KH Tacheles, from where the artists will lead the crowd to the rest of the performance at Abnormals Gallery.


23-25 july
Andrea Penzo
Cristina Fiore
Elisa Dal Corso
Fiorenzo Zancan
Andrea Rosset

Conservative Forces
Inside the exhibition space of Tacheles (Open Studio #4), on 24th and 25th July 2010, 4 pm to 10 pm, you can preview the work "Conservative Forces", a unique work that is at once installation, photography, video and performance. The five Italian artists who created the project are Andrea Penzo, Cristina Fiore, Elisa Dal Corso, Fiorenzo Zancan and Andrea Rosset. The event is curated by Barbara Fragogna.
Gravity is a conservative force. It is said that a force is conservative, if the work done by it during its closed course equals zero.
The conservative force accumulates, without generating more energy, without giving rise to movement or transformation.
Three characters, a man and two women. A white background and actions / compulsions, intended to dissolve. A blind cry, a daily mantra, a slide iterated.
The performative language merges with that of video art, installation, photography. Five artists interpret a vision.
The work was created to involve all the senses, and is not subject to stylistic labels since its purpose is not to find belonging, but to undermine. The artistic fields from which the subjects emerge are quite different, the poetics of each are challenged by comparison.
It exposes a video, photographs, props brought on show as fetishes.
The project, between the mainland of Venice and Berlin, will be exhibited in both locations to create a common thread between the realities of artistic production that are necessary bursts of creativity.

Konservative Kräfte
Innerhalb der Ausstellungsfläche von Tacheles (Open Studio #4),, am 24. und 25. Juli 2010, 16:00-22:00 Uhr, können Sie eine Vorschau der Arbeit "Konservative Kraft" erleben, ein einzigartiges Werk, welches sogleich Installation, Fotografie, Video und Performance beinhaltet. Die fünf italienischen Künstler, die das Projekt ins Leben gerufen haben sind Andrea Penzo, Cristina Fiore, Elisa Dal Corso, Fiorenzo Zancan und Andrea Rosset. Die Veranstaltung wird von Barbara Fragogna kuratiert.
Die Anziehungskraft ist eine konservative Kraft. Es wird gesagt, dass es sich um eine konservative Kraft handelt, wenn ihre geleistete Arbeit während eines abgeschlossenen Wegs gleich Null ist.
Die konservative Kraft akkumuliert, ohne mehr Energie zu generieren, ohne Bewegung zu erzeugen oder Transformation einzuleiten.
Drei Figuren, ein Mann und zwei Frauen. Ein weißer Hintergrund und Aktionen / Zwänge, welche bestimmt sind, sich aufzulösen. Ein Blinder Schrei, ein tägliches Mantra, eine iterierte Rutsche.
Die performative Sprache verschmilzt mit Video-Kunst, Installation und Fotografie. Fünf Künstlerinnen und Künstler interpretieren eine Vision.
Die Arbeit wurde erstellt, um alle Sinne einzubeziehen, und ist nicht Gegenstand stilistischer Etiketten, da es nicht ihr Zweck ist Zugehörigkeit zu finden, sondern zu untergraben. Die künstlerischen Bereiche, aus denen die Werke kommen sind sehr unterschiedlich, und die jeweilige Poetik werden durch Vergleich in Frage gestellt.
Es werden ein Video, Fotos, und Requisiten, die als Fetische mitgebracht wurden, zur Schau gestellt.
Das Projekt, zwischen dem Festland von Venedig und Berlin, wird an beiden Orten ausgestellt, um einen gemeinsamen roten Faden zwischen den Realitäten der künstlerischen Produktion zu schaffen, der einen tatsächlich erforderlichen Ausbruch von Kreativität verkörpert.

Forze conservative
All'interno dello spazio espositivo del Tacheles (Open Studio #4),, dalle 16.00 alle 22.00 del 24 e 25 luglio 2010, sarà possibile vedere l'anteprima dell'opera “Forza conservative”, un unico lavoro che è allo stesso tempo installazione, fotografia, video e performance. I cinque artisti italiani che hanno dato vita al progetto sono Andrea Penzo, Cristina Fiore, Elisa Dal Corso, Fiorenzo Zancan e Andrea Rosset. L'iniziativa è curata da Barbara Fragogna.
La forza di gravità è una forza conservativa. Si dice che una forza è conservativa se il lavoro da essa compiuto durante un qualsiasi percorso chiuso è nullo.
La forza conservativa accumula, senza generare altra energia, senza dare vita a movimento o a trasformazione.
Tre personaggi, un uomo e due donne. Uno sfondo bianco e azioni/coazioni destinate a dissolversi. Un urlo cieco, un mantra quotidiano, uno scivolare iterato.
Il linguaggio performativo si fonde con quello della videoarte, dell'installazione, della fotografia. Cinque artisti interpretano una visione.
L'opera nasce per coinvolgere tutti i sensi, sfugge alle etichette stilistiche proprio perché il suo obiettivo non è quello di trovare appartenenza, ma di scardinarla. Gli ambiti artistici da cui provengono i soggetti sono del tutto diversi, le poetiche di ognuno vengono messe in discussione dal confronto.
Si espongono un video, fotografie, oggetti di scena portati in mostra come feticci.
Il progetto, nato tra la terraferma veneziana e Berlino, verrà esposto in entrambi i luoghi per dar vita a un filo rosso tra realtà di produzione artistica che siano reali detonatori di creatività necessaria.

re'em & la mariposa


re'em & la mariposa
music for voice and electric harp

Queen of the Kitchen

A sweet body PerformAnce by "The Sewing MAchine"

19 June 9pm

performancetheater nach Thoreau

photo Petrov Ahner

performancetheater nach Thoreau
12-13 June 2010

Barbara Kowa - Tatiana Nekrasov

Beschreibung .elfen kann man nicht fangen- individualität, natur und phantasie schlüpfen immer durch ein starres regelwerk...
die thoreau essays "von der pflicht zum ungehorsam gegen den staat" und
"leben ohne prinzipien" im dialog
musikalisch unterstrichen- mitsingen erwünscht ;)


Opening: 11.6 - 7 pm
11.6 - 2.7

Opening event:
re'em & la mariposa
music for voice and electric harp

Exilentia Exiff, Nothing Special, photography, 2009, 60/90 cm, Lambda,
Kodak Metallic Paper, laminated on alu + plexi /Dibond/, Edition 4/5

Curated by Barbara Fragogna


and that means, that she tries not to follow the conventional social rules /norms/ . She just examines some of them in historical and cultural context. Norms change in some societies sometimes very rapidly and sometimes very slowly and what may be seen as normal in one culture, may be seen as abnormal in another. Exilentia is fascinated by norms connected with gender and age. Why a young female naked body is acceptable and a picture of an old woman in a sexual pose violates the standards of society? Why does such a picture cause social discomfort?
What is a human being nowadays? What is self-dignity?

and that means, that her photographs tell us stories about people, who are not average, who are brave enough to be themselves despite their limits or typical situations and contexts.

and that means, that she believes in a world, where individuals can survive: she has created a web utopia /www.abnormals.org/

and that means not much. She was born in Poland in a catholic family. She worked and studied /Literature, Film/ in Poland /Poznan/, Russia /Moscow/, China /Shanghai and Guilin/ and Germany /Heidelberg,Munich/ Now she lives in Berlin in an anarchistic environment.


OPENING Fri.7.5.2010 - 7pm
8.5 - 4.6

Curated by Barbara Fragogna


Johanna Pohland versetzt ihre analogen Momentaufnahmen mittels einer speziellen Abdrucktechnik, der Frottage, in den Kontext eines bisherigen Lebens eines Mitzwanzigers in der angeblichen Blüte seines Lebens. Unterschiedlichste Lebensmomente einer Generation im Luxus der Freiheit.

Durch den Schleier der Frottagen begegnen uns hier die Themen von Familie, Kindheit, Rückzug, Freunden, Heimat, Kunst, Drogen, Liebe und Berufung.
Jede schleierhafte Frottage bietet Raum für unterschiedlichste Interpretationen je nach persönlicher Erfahrung. Was wäre wenn? Was möchte ich? Was nicht? Wunderurlaub Leben eben.

Wunderurlaub Leben bezeugt Stationen einer Generation, die sich in einer angeblich besseren Welt im Überfluss an Möglichkeiten verliert und doch das Überleben darin zu ihrer Spezialität erklärt hat. Jeder ist sich selbst am nächsten.

In dem Sinne Service Self Wunderurlaub Leben. Was bleibt dir sonst auch übrig?

WU ZHI | Future Fighters

OPENING Sat.27.3.2010 - 7pm
28.3 - 25.4

Curated by Barbara Fragogna

"This series were inspired by the old photos. I tried to refresh the old images and transferred them to something new. They seem to depict the children world as my unnderstanding---They are actually fighters..."
Wu Zhi