Joachim Lapotre | Flesh Tree Chapel

Opening | Friday 26.11 - from 8 pm
"Cookies of light / Making of" Performance by Joachim Lapotre at 9 pm
26.11.2010 - 15.1.2011 | wed - sat | 4 - 8 pm | 4th floor
Curated by Barbara Fragogna

In Cooperation with ABNORMALS GALLERY

Flesh Tree was produced inside the E.Space Generic(fr) artist residency program curated by Samy Da Silva.


Initiate yourself in the way of the Hermit, retreat into the skull, into the Flesh Tree Chapel.

Flesh Tree:
Some three thousand years later Adam and Eve wake up in the Garden of Eden, a wasteland of their own creation. There is no more fruit on the mandrake, and there never was a serpent. The two angelic creatures are sensual and voracious, they are free.

Cookies of light / Making of:
This is my Blood, this is my Semen. Eat me.