Friday 8th of October 7PM

New Gallery at Kunsthaus Tacheles 4th floor
Oranienburgerstr 54-56A
Berlin, Germany

Burned Condition

The exhibition Burned Condition by Petrov Ahner is more than a show of photographic images.
What you see is the installation of seven left overs of an act of destruction.
Seven objects, which were robbed of their usual and useful functions, were re- invented by giving them another meaning in twodimensionality. They were found and placed at the spot the spectator meets them blown up out of proportion.
...Burned, deformed and destroyed, these objects reflect the ability to transform common commercial value into meaningful abstraction by attention and focus.
With a change of perspective, in a different light, waste matamorphes into beauty of its own kind.

Text by Miriam Wuttke

FRIDAY 8th of October
7- 10 pm

8 pm: "999. control. no control."
Site specific performance by Miriam Wuttke

Music by Thomas Borgmann

Curated by Barbara Fragogna

petrov ahner

berlin 0049(0)176 51426739