Yael Herold | Space


installation by Yael Herold


SA 7.1.2012 | 7pm

7.1. - 4.2.2012
mon - fri | 4 - 8 pm

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An inflatable space, a muschel shape, a cave built out of six black arms moving in spiral pattern. The inflatable is a flexible prolongation of the bodey, a breathing armour, a living organism

which breathes with the bodey, covers it and protects it. The infaltable is a mobile shelter, dynamic with the surrounding, inflates in few seconds. not connected to one place and without any solid structure. A possibility for a whole new way of "being". Creating life in motion.

In confrontation to our isolated society of individuals , where things might look dark and alienated.

The spiral chariot comes to metamorfosis , by leaving its own skin behind. The black shiny structure reflects its sorounding and the reddish, lifely inner parts are trying to burst out.

I plugg myself into the inner empty squashy welcoming space of the moving spiral and turn with the membrane inside out my own self as the air pushes towards the openning of the whole form. An accurrence which gives abundantly of reverssing the outer layer with the inner passionate laba thoughts in each of little cell in the bodey.

An action of comuncation with the matrix; the six arms are growing flowers in the tipps of each end. A sign of fertility, a chain of continuity.


In a search of a subversive adventure, by bringing a new dynamic mobile air supported structure, i try to influence minds through fantasy and to stimulate a new sensinitivity and responsability towards the enviroment. I bring a new layer, a new "being". An object which comes to reverse values of our traditional, conservatively anchered society.

A combination of modern technology with primitive nomadism. An alternative way of living: fluid, mobile and closer to nature.

The inflatable offers freedom of weight and structure. As the air leaves it is as if the matter would be disappearing as well. Its an alternative organic architecture, which raises enviromental awerness, and opens a new outlook on: urbanism, life style, family structure and society.